Three ‘Wall Street Journal’ articles by Stillman

Yesterday Keith Smith asked if anyone knew of a Wall Street Journal article Whit Stillman wrote a few years back. Eric Burritt has tracked down three articles written by Stillman for the paper:

The middle one is unfortunately behind the Journal’s paywall, but the other two are free to read.

As a bonus, Eric also let me know about a video of an unaired pilot for the US version of the UK television show Red Dwarf. Why is this relevant? Because Stillman regular Chris Eigeman plays the part of Rimmer. Worth a quick look.

2 thoughts on “Three ‘Wall Street Journal’ articles by Stillman

  1. Check out 15:40 on the “Red Dwarf” pilot. It reminded me of the scene in “Barcelona” when Fred has come out of his coma.

  2. The WSJ article, Suffering Sundays, mentiond a minister that Stillman likes, Dr. Maurice Boyd. I found some of his sermons online at If you’re a Christian of any stripe you will likely find them very good. I can certainly see why Stillman thinks so highly of him.

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