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Where to Purchase Stillman’s Films & TV Shows

Christmas is coming and if you need any shopping ideas for your favorite UHB, here you go:


DVD, Blu-ray and Streaming



The Last Days of Disco:

DVD, Blu-ray and Streaming
  • Amazon.com: DVD or Blu-ray (Criterion Collection)
  • Amazon.ca: DVD or Blu-ray (Criterion Collection)
  • Stream
  • Amazon.co.uk:
  • DVD or Blu-ray (Criterion Collection, US import)
  • DVD (Original, non-Criterion release)
  • Amazon.de: DVD (Original, non-Criterion release.  With subtitles in Deutsch, English, Portugues, Dansk, Norsk, Svenska, Polski, Suomalainen, Cestina, Nederlands)
  • Amazon.fr: DVD (Original, non-Criterion release)
  • Mediaset Italia: Stream

Damsels in Distress:
DVD, Blu-ray and Streaming


Homicide:  Life on the Street:  The Heart of a Saturday Night Netflix DVD subscription Season 5, Disc 2

The Cosmopolitans Pilot :  Amazon instant watch

Whit Stillman’s Influences

Vulture’s Nate Jones writes about Whit Stillman’s influences.  Of course Jane Austen and J.D. Salinger are talked about.  He is also a big fan of Hitchcock and his film Strangers on a Train.

Whit Stillman photo

I don’t know why Strangers on a Train affects me so much, but there are elements that connected with me. You can see a bit of that in Barcelona, where the Chris Eigeman character feels that people are accusing him of doing something wrong. In Metropolitan, too, there’s that question: Is someone a bad person?