‘Metropolitan’ is Coming to Memphis

John Beifuss at commercialappeal.com writes that Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan is coming to the Indie Memphis Film Festival November 6, 2015.  Whit Stillman will be there as well.  More details soon will emerge on the festivals site.

Stillman, 63, a filmmaker who emerged at about the same time as such very different American independents as Quentin Tarantino and Spike Lee, will present a 25th anniversary screening of his debut film, “Metropolitan,” which earned an Oscar nomination for Original Screenplay for its witty look at the lives of well-educated and well-to-do young people in New York. The screening will take place Nov. 6 at Circuit Playhouse.

Indie Memphis president Ryan Watt said the Stillman event was organized in response to requests from Stillman fans among festival board members and supporters. “It’s simply that we thought it would be great to get Whit to the festival,” he said.

‘Metropolitan’ Coming to Chicago 9-26 to 9-28

Metropolitan is coming to the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago on September 26th to the 28th.  Whit Stillman will discuss the film via Skype on the 26th.  Just take Michigan Avenue…

SEPTEMBER 26: Director Whit Stillman, currently editing his new film LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP in Paris, will discuss the film via Skype at the Saturday screening.

Newly restored to commemorate its 25th anniversary, METROPOLITAN made writer-director Stillman a rising star of the early indie explosion, scoring a Best Original Screenplay Oscar nomination for a script brimming with bon mots and quotable lines. His subject is the self-designated Urban Haute Bourgeoisie (or “UHB”)–college-age socialites and swains who prowl the party scene on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. This elitist bubble is seen from the perspective of Tom (Clements), a middle-class arriviste who is tutored in the ways of the wealthy by the manipulative cynic Nick (Eigeman in a brilliant performance). Perhaps because it seemed anachronistic even at the time–more F. Scott Fitzgerald than Bret Easton Ellis–METROPOLITAN has dated very well. By neither sentimentalizing nor sneering at his pampered protagonists, Stillman lets us discover, however grudgingly, the fragility behind their poses–to quote from another film about the haute bourgeoisie, they are “only superficially superficial.” New 2K DCP digital restoration from Rialto Pictures. (MR)