Drawings Inspired by Stillman’s Films by Emma Johnson

Wonderful drawings inspired by Whit Stillman’s films, by @creamymcsparklesson Emma Johnson

Blinder Films co-production ‘Love and Friendship’ Begins Dublin Shoot

More information on Whit Stillman’s Love and Friendship from IFTN:

Jane Austen Whit Stillman jpg

The Irish producer is Katie Holly of Blinder Films and the Line Producer is Cathleen Dore.

Directed by Oscar nominee Whit Stillman (‘Metropolitan’), the film stars Kate Beckingsale and Chloe Sevigny in the lead roles (re-uniting them with Stillman after 1998’s ‘The Last Days of Disco’).

The film is based on Stillman’s adaptation of the Jane Austen’s Lady Susan – a novella that Austen never submitted for publication which describes the schemes of the main character, the widowed Lady Susan (played by Beckingsale), as she seeks a new husband for herself and one for her daughter.